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Hamfest Dedication

 The Following Contributed by Steve Emory N4SET
Norman “Norm” G. Harrill
Volunteer Examination Coordinator
One of fourteen Examination Coordinator entities, WCARS-VE was incorporated in 1984. WCARS-VE is the oldest VEC still in existence, and was the first to administer examinations as a volunteer organization.
For the 1985 Atlanta Hamfest, a VE team consisting of Ed Erwin WW4O, Elbert Griffin W2MJA, Hallie Shaver NC4R, Lewis Trexler WA4UTY and Norman Harrill N4NH conducted the first ever FCC license exam by volunteers.
In 1991, the then president Lewis Trexler became a Silent Key
Norm was nominated for, accepted, and by majority vote became the president of WCARS-VE, and remained faithfully so until today.
Norm was deeply involved in cultivating new hams through demonstration and classroom instruction. Norm solicited new VEs (almost 1800 in the current WCARS-VE roster, although not all are active) and always insisted that each VE continuously observe the highest ethical standards.
WCARS-VE examination questions are generated randomly to create countless combinations of questions, answers and question placement in an exam booklet to provide unique presentation to each applicant and eliminate answer sharing during an exam session. Sixty different exam scoring overlays, each providing four orientations, allow quick scoring of each exam administered. This may be unique within the VECs.
Norm engaged in amateur radio club activity, was past president of WCARS, and was elected to life membership many years ago.
Norm enjoyed special event communications, and numerous other activities. One of Norm’s favorite times was the several days he would have each year to visit with fellow members of the Shelby Club and coordinate hamfest and VE activities with them as a feature of their hamfest each Labor Day weekend.
Norm N4NH was a true friend to amateur radio, never uttered a harsh word toward anyone, and was always quick to offer help to anyone who indicated a need.
The following contributed by June Melvin WA4JNJ

We got the news today that Norm  had passed away.   I can't tell you how much it hurts to know we'll never see him again on this earth, but someday we will meet again.  Many years he and his crew have been attending our Hamfest and giving the "test" that either made you happy or sad depending on the score.  Ben and I had the pleasure of having him and his Betty, the love of his life, over a few times to eat dinner with us while they were camped out at the Hamfest.   They were such a loving couple and it was a  pleasure to be with them and call them friends. We, Ben and I  are orginally from Fayetteville, NC and found out Norm had taken his Military training at Fort Bragg...so we had something in common other than Ham Radio plus Norm and my brother shared the same birthday May, 14th.   He surely missed Betty when she left this earth..We visited him and he told us how she left and I remember telling him one day they would be together again and I believe today they are...together again..

Good by my ole friend..one day we will meet again...
Contributed by Susan Melvin Ledford K4ZXN

Words can't express the many emotion I'm feeling today.  I've lost so many friends and loved ones in just the past couple of weeks.  Norm was one of those friends who always had a smile on his face!  He was one of my absolute favorite people who attended the Shelby Hamfest.  He was a mentor and a friend.  He and his wife Betty were awesome!   They both attended my wedding and I considered them family.  See the ham radio community becomes an extended family.  I will miss Norm's smiling face and his answer when you would ask him how he was doing.  He'd Say "fit as a fiddle and fine as frogs hair".  Norm was an amazing person, he increased ham radio by mentoring new hams.   This hamfest will surely be missing someone special.

It seems that each year or so we lose someone special to the hamfest and our radio club.   In recent years, we've lost more than I can name but the following come to mind.  Norm, Robby, Bob, Horace, Jean, Ann, Richard and so many others.  Our club and hobby feel a void each time we lose one.   I hope that we can all aspire to be more like Normal Harrill and to encourage and train younger hams to continue in the hobby and encourage future generations.  

Norm, I will miss you buddy!  Thanks for helping me beat Stephanie playing Trivia Crack!  Stephanie, I know you will miss your dad but we will see him again someday.
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